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"Natu Camara, a singer from Guinea now based in New York, gave her West African pop a tinge of American funk as she offered determinedly uplifting messages."

New York Times

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"As a builder of inter-cultural bridges, Camara uses her songs to bring people together, weaving a tapestry of musical stories and visions of her beloved home. " 

Radio WFAE 90.7

Natu Camara ignited Laborde Earls stage with her energetic and very unique blend of West African rock and soul. Many of the festival’s African performers had a sound associated with a particular region. however when you listen to Natu’s music, it feels more universal appeal than more traditional performers.
Her blend of rock, soul and singer-songwriter tunes are infused with rhythms from Guinea and West Africa more generally. The stories she tells are personal ones that invite listeners in her experiences.
The result is Natu builds a unique bond with her audience, and transports them into her world. Commentary includes the struggles of personal loss,the challenge of finding herself along in a strange city. Natu Camara is full or originality and musical ideas, and performed several songs from her upcoming album, the most notable transported listeners back to her youth while pending time with grandmother in her village. Palatable in the new songs is the sense longing, of distance and time from this world traveler.

MONDO LOCAL-Reporting on Festival International de Louisiane 2022
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