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 All Music & Lyrics by Natu Camara

"Drapeau":  Arranged by Djessou Morry Kanté and produced by Abou Cissé.

"Amassoukhou" &"Nnakhounde": Arranged by Cheick Barry and produced by Natu Camara

"Monstre": Produced by Natu Camara & Djessou Mory Kanté.

"Khoni" Produced by Abou Cissé and co-produced by Natu Camara.

"Momi Hidda,"  "Arabama di", "Noboday Said", "Waa," Yigui," "Gonlein" produced by Natu Camara. 

"Hello": Arranged by Natu Camara & Azouhouni Adou  .


Recorded at Moffou Studio, Mali (Bamako) :Recording engineer Abou Cissé 


Strings for Hello recorded at GRAFFWERKS-Brooklyn :Engineers Nir Graff & Baba Z Buerger


Mixed by Godfrey Diamond at Perfect Mixes NYC


Mastered by Raphael (Paris)

Album Production Manager: Jamie Ambler-Photography & Design: Jamie Ambler

Photography by Michael Baumann


Album Produced by Natuwenta Productions.




Djessou Mory Kanté (Guitars)

Natu Camara: (Acoustic Guitar)

Oumarou Diarra: (Drums)

Sekou Kanté: (Bass)

Scotty (Keyboard)




Molobaly Kondé: (Percussions)

New York:

Uri Cleinman: ( Bass on Gonlein and Nnakhounde)

Natu Camara, Virgini Dembélé & Wassa (Backing Vocals)

Cheick Barry (Bass on Momi hidda and Amassoukhou)

Cheick Barry ( Guitar on Amassoukhou)


Azouhouni Adou: (Piano)

Nir Graff: (Bass)

Andy Algire: (Drums)

David Acker: (Guitar)

Strings: Arranged by Brian Sanders

Cello: Jessica Wang 

Viola:Jen Volmer

Violin: Jia Xu



"Dimedi was recorded in a few weeks at Studio Moffou in Bamako - But the album was a long time In the making.
Natu met Salif Keita's guitar player Djessou Mory Kanté after a show at SOB's in New York . After recording 2 songs in
a studio in Brooklyn. Natu was hooked on the idea of recording with these great musicians from Mali. 
"Listen sister,” Djessou said, "I think you have a lot to give to this world, but New York is super expensive — why don’t you come to Mali and record your album?” 
A month later, she was in Bamako recording Dimedi. The result is 13 songs that once heard are hard to get out of
your head. The sessions left a big impression on Camara. “The musicians are so disciplined, and they love music,"
she says. "It’s not easy to find when you don't have the big budget now days. They dedicated all their time coming in
the morning and leaving when  ever we were done or tired.  They would say, don’t you get tired?  It’s unbelievable
that a girl can be like this. Here this is normal but there it's unusual. One more reason to set an example for the 
young girls and show the boys we are not just here to have babies. Natu said.




Drapeau: (The flag)


There is only one flag that flies over our country, let’s forgive each other and look beyond our differences, (dialects, race and religion) let’s come together and celebrate the making of a better life.

Momi Hidda: (An arranged marriage)


The story of a young girl who begs her parents to let her marry for love not for the gain of others.


Nakhounde: (My hiding spot)


Life is short. We all have the same struggles. After the travails of the day we all deserve to find a resting place in some

corner or in someone’s arms.


Arrabama Di: (What are we going to do about it?)


This is an upbeat address to those in government and everyone in the country. When things go wrong how are we going to solve it ? 

Let’s do something about it.


Nobody Said: 


We were never given a road map when we born. Life will never be easy, don’t give up just pack yourbags and keep on moving on.

Waa: (Cry)


When you feel like you’ve had enough. When life is too much. Don’t torture yourselves, let loose and cry and free your soul. 


Monstre: (Monster)


This is dedicated to women who have been lied to by someone they thought was the love of their life.It’s time to take control and move

onto a better life. 

Amassoukhou: (Take care of the one you love).


Married couples and lovers often get caught up with life dramas and forget about what they really have.Cherish those who are closest to you. Take care of them.

Yigui: (Friendship)

This song speaks about my first band. We were sisters united. No matter what happens in life we will always have each other.

No mountain or ocean could keep us from being together. 


Dimedi: (Child )

A Child doesn’t need success or money. A Child needs a bed to sleep in, food to eat, a heathy body, and a good mentor to prepare them for adulthood. 

This song is dedicated especially to my grandma who helped raise me.



Gonlein: (Work)

Brothers and sisters nothing is impossible.Let’s get on our feet to build our society. Let’s work for a better future.

Khony: (Bird)


I was down and out when one day a bird came by my window to speak to me. The message changed my life. Fear is your enemy,

free yourself and fly like a bird. 




Many people (especially in large cities) feel alone and isolated. If we all could be aware of who is around us maybe one simple “hello”

can save someone’s life. This song is Inspired by real life stories and dedicated especially to the homeless and the aged who are

barely surviving on the edges of our societies.

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