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Louisiane here we come.

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

We are very proud and super excited to be selected for the Festival International de Louisiane in Lafayette April 22-26. More details to follow shortly.

About Festival International de Louisiane

 Festival International is a 5-day celebration of culture through music, food, art and performance. Each April, this event transforms Lafayette, La., into an entertainment mecca with music from around the world shared on multiple stages throughout downtown.  Celebrate 34 years of Festival International de Louisiane, April 22-26, 2020!Festival International is the largest international music and arts festival in the United States and strengthens the Francophone and international communities’ ties to Lafayette. This annual ticketless festival features musical performances by artists from more than 24 countries, diverse cuisine, open-air art markets, workshops, exhibits, visual art, children’s activities, theater and performance arts.  Festival International is a non-profit organization that proudly attracts visitors from up to 48 states and 26 countries any given year. Aside from providing a great economic impact, Festival also provides visitors with a chance to explore the bold culture and creativity of Acadiana while experiencing diverse cultures from across the globe. Festival International de Louisiane 315 Lee Ave.  Lafayette, LA 70501 337-232-8086 April 22-26, 2020

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