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NATU CAMARA at SummerStage 08/13

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

SummerStage will welcome Natu Camara for this year City Parks Foundation Summer shows In Staten Island.

“Hailing from Guinea, Natu Camara is one of its brightest musical stars and a committed activist for the empowerment and education of girls and women in west Africa. Along with her multinational band in NY, she brings a fresh new sound to us with “Dimedi” (which means Child in her native language, Sousous). In the early 2000s, Camara led West Africa’s first all-female hip-hop group, the Ideal Black Girls (IBG). Years after releasing Guinèya Moumonèra (It’s Not a Shame to Be a Woman) — a multiplatinum opus advocating for women’s rights. Singing in five languages, Dimedi showcases Camara’s unique blend of afro-rock and soul with an energy that get her audience completely hooked with her music and dance moves.

As a builder of bridges socially and culturally, Camara’s musical compositions are powerfully constructed to bridge the global gap and bring people together in a captivating blend weaving a beautiful tapestry of musical stories and visions of her beloved home. Natu’s foundation supports local organizations to mentor and empower young girls and support education as a tool to reduce poverty in Guinea. She finds a way to speak to the silent minority through her music.

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