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New York Mayor's Office Awards fund Natu Camara's next album 2020.

The New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment today announced that it has awarded a total of $2 million to 94 projects in music, theatre, film and digital media projects led by artists who identify as women or are coming from a female perspective. The grants, designed to help the artists complete their projects, are the second round of the NYC Women’s Fund for Media, Music and Theatre.

We are so honored to be selected by this prestigious body of artists and industry professionals. MOME awarded grants to many artistic projects and we are thankful and excited for the opportunity to produce our next album.

“Women are more than half of the population, but they are still woefully underrepresented in music, theatre, film, and digital media industries,” said NYC Media and Entertainment Commissioner Anne del Castillo."-  Variety magazine

We want to thank the New York Mayor's Office and all of our Team Bomabstic for the love and support to make this dream real.

Our management Team led by Natalie Pinto, Mel Puljic, Samba Marco (Guinea) and Jamie Ambler. Our fanatstic musicians: Oscar Debe, Foluso Miny, Matthew Albeck, Yacouba Sissoko, Keisel Jimenez-Leyva, Djibril Toure, Kayode Kuti, Lindsey Wilson, John F. Adams. Our DFI Cindy Charles, Alexandra Neacato, Nir Garff and Baba at Graff studios BK. Michael Baumann, Will Farrington, Shimite Obialo, Sheralyn Silverstein, Vee Pinot, Phil Wild and all our amazing fans in Guinea, and around the world.

A huge thanks to sparkie martin, all our supporters, friends and family.

We love you and appreciate your support, let's rock this world.

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