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Vive La Festival International de Louisiane.

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Just click on the link below to see Natu performing Saturday at 5PM Eastern. Send her lots of love and share this special moment with the great people of Louisiana,

2020 Virtual Festival

There is no stopping the contagious Festival magic that takes over Lafayette every April. So we are getting creative this year and bringing Festival straight to YOUR doorstep. Get ready!

Join us April 24th – 26th, for our first ever Virtual Festival! Fans can join us in celebration from their own home by tuning into a weekend packed with curated shows from around the world on Facebook Live and via AOC. The program’s schedule includes intimate concerts, nostalgic blast from the past videos, and an ‘International Collaborative Surprise’ that should not be missed.

Stay tuned for the full schedule coming soon. Follow our event HERE on Facebook. VIVE LE FESTIVAL!

Pro Tips:

  • Put on your best Fest dress and hat

  • Register for the Virtual 5K

  • Get creative and decorate your house or stoop

  • Try out a new recipe from another culture / grab a to go dish from one of our food vendors that’ll be open.

  • Shop our art market! A link to all of our Festival Marché artists’ websites will be provided on our site.

  • Swing by our Official Virtual Festival Cocktail Stops: multiple Legends locations + Cafe 20.3, to get your FESTIVAL PUNCH! Free souvenir cups come with punch purchases and a portion of the proceeds will help to support Festival International!

  • Pins, posters, and flags will be avail. to purchase at these stops, or you can snag yours online here.

  • We will have an official Virtual Festival Lineup shirt, as well as some other Festival Merchandise available on our online store very soon, so stay tuned!

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