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As an important step in Natu's musical evolution "Dimedi" (“Child” in her native language Susu) as an independent artist. Dimedi is an inspirational solo debut underscoring the significance of children having positive role models. Recorded at the famous Salif Keita's Mafou studio in Bamako Mali, showcases a unique blend of afro-rock, pop, folk and soul in five languages.

All songs written and performed by Natu Camara.

Produced in Mali and USA by Natuwenta Productions.



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    Lyrics (all): by Natu Camara

    "Hello" Arrangement and Piano By Azouhouni Adou and Natu Camara .

    "Drapeau" Arrangement by Djessou Morry Kanté And production by Abou Cissé.

    "Amassoukhou" and Nnakhounde Arrangement by Cheick Barry, Produced by Natu Camara

    "Monstre" produced by Natu Camara and Djessou Mory kanté.

    "Khoni" Produced by abou Cissé and co-produced by Natu camara.

    "Momi Hidda, Arabama di,Noboday said, Waa, Yigui, Gonlein" Produce by Natu Camara.


    • Recorded at Moffou Studio In Mali
    • Recording engineer Abou Cissé (Moffou Studio).
    • Demo recorded at Graff Studio GRAFFWERKS
    • Engineer Nir Graff, Baba Z. Buerger.
    • Mixed by Godfrey Diamond at Perfect Mixes (New York City)
    • Mastered by Raphael (Paris)
    • Musiciens: Djessou Mory kanté (guitar), Natu Camara (Guitar), Oumarou Diarra (Drums), Sekou Kanté (bass), Scotty (Keyboard), (Cora), (Kgoni), (Doundoun), Percusions ( Molobaly Kondé), (Fulani Flute)
    • Backing Voals: Natu Camara, Virgini Dembélé, Wassa.

    Album Production manager: T. James Ambler.

    Photography & design: T. James Ambler

    The album is produced by Natuwenta Productions/Natu Camara.

    All Rights Reserved.


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