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Thank you for a wonderful year. Keep your lights on in 2023.

So many highlights. So many people to thank. Mostly, we want to thank the fans who came out in thousands and put on their comfortable shoes. It started in Louisiana and the year finishes on New Years Eve in Guinea with a show celebrating the life of Miriam Makeba in the town she made her home in Dalaba 6 hours from Conakry. We would like to share some of the images from a year packed with shiny positive faces that danced until they couldn't anymore. Thanks to all the amazing bombastic crew on this journey. Thanks to our manager Natalie Pinto, to Mel and his team at Awesome and all the musicians and the subs that climbed on board to power the music. A special thanks to Monica our newest team member you have been a rock.

Thanks to all the photographers that captured these images especially Michael Baumann, Will Farringdon, and Jamie Ambler.

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